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3 Cleaning Tips to Ease Allergies

If sneezing, coughing and watery eyes are some things you are more familiar with than you’d like to be, you’re in the right place. What many people have come to realize is that they seem to be allergic to their own homes. You may be allergic to something in your home, but there are things you can do to possibly stop your allergy symptoms for good (or at least when you’re at home). Continue reading here and see some cleaning tips for three areas of your home.

  • Bedroom
    • Be sure to change your linens in your bedrooms at least once a week. Use hot water on them when you wash them unless they have some other fabric specific instructions.
    • Don’t use the space underneath the bed for storage. Also, vacuum under the bed as often as you vacuum the other areas of the room.
    • Move stationary
    • Bathroom
      • Don’t strive for having fully carpeted bathroom floors.
      • Bath mats that are washable should be used over ceramic flooring.
      • Use the exhaust fans or dehumidifiers to keep humidity low.
      • Wash shower curtains weekly and use hot water when doing so.
    • Hall/Entryways
      • Remember that every entryway is usually the way mold and pollen enters the home.
      • Clean doorways well and make sure to remember the animal doors as well.
      • Entryways should be cleaned twice a week and every day if you have pets.

      In conjunction with these three areas, make sure that the cleaning products you use are safe. Sometimes, it may not necessarily be how you clean as much as it is what you clean with. Searching out some eco-friendly cleaning solutions will also help you to have an allergen-free home environment. Take care of these things mentioned here, and hopefully you should find relief in regards to your allergies.